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16 March 2010 @ 12:04 pm
Anime20in20 |F.A.Q.|  

Welcome to anime20in20

A site where you make 20 icons in 20 days.
Take a look around and if you are interested please join!

If you have any suggestion, question or comment feel free to do it in this post, I'll answer as soon as I can!


1.- Can I use fan arts?
Yes, but make sure that the artist allow to use his work in graphics some of them only allow to use their work if you ask them directly, also remember to give the proper credit when you post the icons.

If you don't credit the original artist when you use fanarts, you lose one point off the icon during voting. If this is done mutiple times during a set then two points would be taken off.

Further information about the fanart usage here

2.- How does a person get posting access?
We give you posting access once the round start, only the participants have posting access when the round finish we remove you from the posting list.

3.- Can I change my subject?
Yes, but if the claim you want is already taken the change won't be possible.

4.- Why I can't tag my entrie?
Trying to keep an order the only persons allowed to tag the entries are the mods. Don't worry we usually tag the entries when we approve your batch.

5.- Can I claim an anime film that is a one-shot or based on video games?
Sure! As long as the style of the drawing is anime you can claim any movie you want.

6.- The crossover is allowed?
Yes, but you should know that if you want a crossover you can only use two animangas. If one of them is already claimed you can't use it, even if you are gonna use only one character. Remember we tag the whole anime/manga not characters, that's the reason the two animangas should be available.

7.-How I can change my vote in the poll?
Many people ask this when the voting is up, so as all of you know, you can change your vote as long as you don't vote for yourself and before the poll is close. To do that you must:
- click on the link that has the Poll# (it might look like this: Poll #1848976)
- towards the top you'll see "Fill Out Poll" click on it
- you'll see your first response, there you can change it and submit

8.- I finish my icons after the voting is up, can I post them anyway?
Yes, you can submit them obviously won't be part of the voting.


1.- Mod's choice
The mod's choice in the post of winners will be only when we have up to 15 entries. As is said mod's choice will be either sets or icons.

What happend if you don't follow the info rules

2.- In themes

I usually don't ask to change your icons, as we said in the info post themes are interpretative, I write some explanations about what we expect. If the icon is totally out of context automatically will have minus one point, this vote will be discounted from the total of votes the icon receive in the voting.

3.- In category
At the beggining if the set was totally out of context I send a msj to the participant so she/he could change the set in order to fulfill the rules... but RL is really busy and honestly one of the first things when you do a challenge is read the requirements in the post so I don't send msj anymore, now all the sets that don't follow the rules will have minus two points this votes will be discounted from the total of votes the set receive in the voting.

4.- Artist's choice
This set is free right!? But when we have pairings rounds is a requirement that all the icons of the set have both characters, if the set don't follow the rules will have minus two points this votes will be discounted from the total of votes the set receive in the voting.

In special rounds we may accept incomplete batchs, but the icons/sets will have minus two points at the start of the voting, this votes will be discounted from the total of votes the set receive.

5.- When you vote
We stablish the voting rules in each entrie, depending of how many participants we have we are going to let you know how many icons/sets you have to choose, the votes will be dissmised if:
a.Voting for themselves
b. The user vote for more or less options than the ones that are stablish in the voting rules of the round
c. The user has no more than one month in LJ
d. The user has none entries in her/his journal
e. All the votes are for the same participant

Mikkisawakonotsadako on September 5th, 2011 06:51 am (UTC)
hi. i have a suggestion. would it be better if the images shows their original color without hovering over it? sometimes i feel like the images looks dull if the pointer is not over it. so during voting, we do not need to point at all the icons just to see its original quality.

my suggestion may be unreasonable and may take a lot of time so just do not mind me if it can't be done. (^-^;;)
Miya: Ronjust_miya on September 5th, 2011 05:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try to change the codes of the layout to fix it
You are right it can be tricky and the original color is important at the moment of voting
Mikkisawakonotsadako on September 8th, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
yaaaay! thanks for doing it. :))
pix✦L: oAorock_rabbit on January 6th, 2014 12:26 am (UTC)
Ah, I'm really interested in entering the next round, but since English isn't my first language I have some minor trouble understanding part of the rules and that kind of freaks me out when I think of entering ; ^ ; So if I might first ask here and I am sorry if my questions sound stupid..
1st - the rules say "You must choose one anime or manga to make 20 icons of." but then the second rule says "The same anime/manga cannot be selected more than once." what does that mean? :(
2nd - "You cannot enter more than one choice per round." what exactly are choices?
3rd - I read that a user gains posting access when a new round is started, does this mean that I need to join and not just watch the community?

again, sorry for my silly questions, but I have only entered in weekly competitions and challenges that do not have a running competition, so this is pretty new to me.. but it just seems like it's so much fun!
Miya: P&Pjust_miya on January 7th, 2014 06:11 am (UTC)
Hi! Not at all let me explain
1st. You have to choose one subject in this case one title (anime or manga) to make your icons, all the icons should be from the subject you select. If you choose Bleach all your icons should be related to the series: anime, manga, fanarts, etc.
2nd. If you want to make your 20 icons from Bleach, but one participant already choose the same subject you cannot select it, you must choose another one. It means we don't have two participants that icon the same subject (unless we said another thing in the sign-up post)
3rd. Yes you must join the community to give you post access, mostly you only post an entrie if you are member.

Hope this can clarify your doubts. Also I have to tell you that we are goint to be in a temporal hiatus, it means that we aren't going to have any challenges for a couple of months. We may be back in March